Top Ten Edition Boxing Gloves Sparring Gloves Multi Colours Available sizes 4oz -16oz




Maxx top ten Gel Shock Edition with extra-wide fist for maximum protection during intense sparring.

Super-contoured hand compartment for tightest fit. Extended wrist padding for increased protection against punches and kicks. Velcro wrist strap for adjustable comfort, support. Handmade in Thailand.

Top rexion leather shell.

Triple-layer latex foam core for heavy impact absorption.

Contoured hand compartment and pre-curved thumb.

This is the world’s finest training glove for Muay Thai and all punching and striking training.

Handcrafted with Maya Grain (artificial )Leather outer cover and special multi-foam Thai padding for optimal protection and training confidence. Forms to your hand over time.

Ultra durability makes this one of the best values in the entire sport.

Design and construction allows easy opening of the hand for clinch work.

Extended padding down back of hand, edge of hand ridge, and reinforced long cuff design provide extra protection to the hands while blocking full power kicks.

Awesome wraparound adjustable wrist strap

Velcro wrist strap ideal for quick wear and removal, and offers superior wrist joint protection.

Attached thumb for protection and security.

Satin nylon hand compartment liner provides extra comfort and moisture-repelling qualities while training.

The ideal combination of power and protection for the ultimate in training.

Maya leather boxing gloves are crafted from the finest materials and constructed with care to endure through years of use in the toughest Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA gyms in the world.

Inside the boxing glove, high-quality multilayer foam protects your hand from impact.

The foam is skillfully shaped to best support your hand while you are punching.

Our Elastic Boxing Gloves are very popular for workouts because of their comfortable fit and protection, as well as being easy to put on and take off. They are great for sparring in the gym and training hard on the bag.

The Maxx Strike Boxing Glove comes in several different sizes.

The 6 oz boxing gloves, 8 oz boxing gloves, and 10 oz boxing gloves are ideal for small, lightweight fighters.

Middleweight and heavyweight fighters will often choose to train with 12 oz boxing gloves, 14 oz boxing gloves, 16 oz boxing gloves.

The snug, padded wrist of the boxing gloves, with its integrated Elastic band, offers gentle support and protection while allowing you to slip your hands into and out of the boxing gloves as quickly as possible.

The high-quality Elastic used by Twins in the wrist-strap of their Elastic Boxing Gloves will keep maintain its value for years.

Known to be beneficial in the following :-

• Aids improvement in Upper-Body Strength and muscle building

• Aids improvement in Punching Power

• Enhances Cardio Vascular Exercise, Overall Stamina and fitness

• improvement in Hand Speed

• Aids improvement in Overall Co-ordination

• Aids Improvement in Performance

•Ideal for kicking and punching

•Tested for strength and endurance.

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