About Us

About Us

At Maxx Gear Ltd, we offer the ultimate selection of professional sporting equipment. Experts create our products for both professionals and sports-mad individuals. Maxx by name and nature; our collection spans the entire world of Boxing with some additional sporting accessories thrown into the mix. We have been supplying professional Boxing and sporting products for over seven years and have no plans to stop anytime soon. Maxx Gear Ltd , as a company, is managed and run by sporting experts who created the business to bring quality products to market. There is an overwhelming amount of choice on the market for sporting goods, so we want to offer only the best items in one place to make buying that bit easier.

Our mission is to make sporting accessible for everyone. To achieve this, we offer a range of products at various price points to suit every budget. Whether you are sourcing items for at-home or looking to fill a gym space, we have got you covered. In our pledge to make sports enjoyable, we also share lots of handy advice and articles via our blog, as we want to help as many people as possible join the world of sports. Boxing is our main passion, but we know a thing or two about lots of other sports. Boxing is also a brilliant sport as the skills, techniques, and training routines all lend themselves to other fitness activities.

As experts in all things boxing and martial arts, we provide everything needed for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner just learning the ropes, or a professional athlete looking to elevate their game, we have got you covered. Our martial arts products include Boxing Gloves, Punch Bags, Clothing, Focus Pads, and Protective Equipment. We design and manufacture our products and only promise to bring to market the best solutions. When you see our striking logo proudly marked on a product, you know it’s worth the hype.

Getting started in the world of boxing can be expensive, with many pieces of equipment needed to make a significant impact. We help you achieve your goals the right way. From the hand wraps that will prevent any injuries from occurring to the gowns that you will wear when entering the ring, we have a product for everything. Every product is also clearly marked as to what weight class and user level it is intended for, as individual experience is very important to us. We also know that choosing the right boxing accessories can be an overwhelming task, which is why our website makes it incredibly easy to find what you are looking for. Saving you money but ensuring you never have to compromise on quality is what underpins our portfolio.

We also offer a range of junior equipment to ensure that professional and age-appropriate equipment options are available for youngsters who want to make a name for themselves in boxing. Proper sporting support can give users of all ages the encouragement they need to perform at their best. Our junior’s range is no exception to the rule, with a selection of professional products all designed to help your young one train like a pro. Sport is so important and getting people into them at a young age is essential for keeping generations healthy. By making it easy and affordable to invest in boxing items for juniors, we hope to encourage the next batch of Tyson’s, Fury’s, and even Ali’s!

Why boxing, we hear you ask? The sport has many positive benefits to both mental and physical health. Boxing provides many different fitness opportunities beyond just the sport itself to offer immersive access into the world of dynamic fitness. Boxing is incredibly popular in the UK, with consumers’ ever-increasing focus on their health being one of the main reasons this sport is much loved. Other reasons why we think that boxing is great are:

  • The equipment, such as Punch Bags and Focus Pads, can be used in training outside of boxing. With many cardiovascular, muscular, and weight control benefits, our consumers use our equipment for many fitness goals.
  • Boxing itself empowers participants to be mentally aware, agile, and dynamic. These elements can also help everyone live stronger and happier lives in general.
  • As one of the traditional forms of martial arts, boxing has a colourful and vibrant history that we are fascinated by. From the early depictions in Greek mythology to the multi-million-pound fights that take over our screens today, boxing is undeniably exciting.
  • People of all ages can take part in boxing. The accessibility to the sport and the opportunities that it offers to people from all walks of life are amazing. Our product ranges highlight this further, with equipment suitable for users of all levels and ages.

As well as being boxing experts, we also provide a further range of Fitness Products and Cricket items. No matter the products, the Maxx Gear Ltd signature seal of quality is always promised. There really is no end to our expertise and passions.

We make delivery easy and affordable, with various shipping also available for individual needs. When shopping online, you expect convenience, which is what we offer in abundance. A full refund and exchange policy also support all products, as we will only settle when knowing that you are 100% happy with your order.

Maxx Gear Ltd is a brand that is supported by not just a helpful and knowledgeable team but also lots of loyal customers. With 4.7 stars on our Google reviews, it is easy to see how highly our consumers think of us. As an online retailer, customer feedback is highly important to us. We also use the comments received to inform our future product releases to ensure that we are always supplying exactly what our consumers are looking for.

Maximise your performance and become the sporting professional you have always wanted to be with Maxx Gear Ltd. If you want to be supported by only the best, then we are an online sporting outlet for you.