Boxing Exercises

Boxing Exercises

Boxing is a fantastic way to keep fit and tone your body. The sport brings a range of physical and mental benefits, which is why it is enjoyed by so many as part of a regular training regimen.

So popular is boxing as a form of exercise, that the boxing equipment market is expected to increase by $260.17 million by the year 2027.

When you punch a boxing bag, the added weight of the bag adds more resistance to your strikes, which helps you burn more calories.

Just an hour spent boxing can burn up to 800 calories, which is more of a calorie burn than running, swimming, or lifting weights for the same amount of time. How incredible is that?

During boxing, you are working your arms, back, core and legs simultaneously, which means you will turn fat into muscle faster than you would during other workouts that only focus on one part of the body.

There have been many studies done to prove the effectiveness of boxing as a method for weight loss. For instance, researchers at the University of Western Sydney found that regular boxing-related interval exercises helped participants reduce their weight, waist size, and body fat, while the sport also improved their heart rate and blood pressure.

To achieve weight loss results, we would recommend at least 2 boxing workouts a week, lasting an hour each. Remember to give yourself rest days in between, to give your body a break and avoid burnout.

Is Boxercise Good for You?

What Are the Benefits of Boxing?

If you want to enjoy an active lifestyle, there are so many reasons why you should consider taking up boxing. The sport helps you build lean muscle mass, teaches you self defense skills and boosts your confidence.

Here are several benefits that boxing brings:

  • Build muscle and strength

Don’t be surprised if you start to experience increased muscle mass in your body, after taking up boxing.

Boxing increases your muscular endurance because it works every muscle in your body.

The so-called ‘boxer’s muscles’ are the latissimus dorsi, the abdominal muscles, the biceps brachii and the calves– all of which are key to executing powerful strikes.

  • Improves your stamina

Boxing is one of the most intense sports in the world. It requires a great deal of stamina and endurance, which is why professional boxing match rounds only last 3 minutes long (or 2 minutes for women).

During your very first boxing workout, you will start to feel the burn and fatigue very quickly, because it is a new experience for your body. Over time, the more you train, the better your body will adjust to the high intensity of boxing.

Every boxing training session will increase your fitness level and cardio endurance- meaning you will cope much better when you participate in other forms of exercise, such as running and cycling.

  • Improves heart health

An excellent cardio workout, boxing gets your heart pumping, which helps lower the risk of blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. So, over time, the sport will strengthen your heart.

The act of punching a bag forces many of your muscles to contract at once, which makes your heart work extra heart to pump blood and supply oxygen to them– thereby training your heart to work more efficiently.

Before a match, boxers warm up by skipping, doing circuits, or running on the treadmill, to improve their cardiovascular endurance- which also promotes better heart health.

  • Greatly improves your hand-eye coordination

Without good hand-eye coordination, you can’t throw punches or dodge strikes as well.

After taking up boxing, you will see fantastic improvements in your spatial awareness, your balance, and your posture.

The sport forces you to process information from your environment quickly and react accordingly. Thus, the more you practice, the more speedy, accurate and precise your punches will be.

  • Healthy outlet to let off steam and release stress and pent-up anger

You can’t find a sport better than boxing for stress relief. Physically hitting the punch bag helps to relieve tension in your body and muscles, especially if you picture the bag as a representative of your stress and anxiety.

Additionally, smacking the punch bag releases endorphins (feel-good hormones), which boots your happiness and allows you to sleep better at night.

  • Helps you learn to regulate your emotions

Boxing teaches you to remain calm and composed while under pressure. You can’t lose your cool and release your anger on your opponent or training partner, as you would risk harming them, or yourself. You will get disqualified from the sport or gym if you allow your emotions to take over.

So, boxing teaches you to manage your emotions and interact with others in a fair, disciplined way.

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