Maxx grappling / wrestling dummy with handles mma floor punching bag gound and pound ufc bag – Black


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     Maxx grappling dummy with handles, mma floor punching bag, gound and pound
         Item Description
  • This unique alligator shaped grappling dummy offers endless training positions for any kind ground work from side control from floor to mount, low-level strikes, submissions to transitions between positions
  • Designed to simulate the human form. 
  • With four strategically placed nubs representing elbows and knees, you can redefine your ground fight perfecting pop-ups, step and switch, helicopters and more!
  • An impeccable catching dummy made particularly for competitors to practice tosses, hooking and ground and pound
  • comes filled and ready to use, weight is approx 25kg
  • weight can be increased as its zipped up , so you can adjust to your requirements 
  • Constructed of durable Rexion Leather to stand up to vigorous resistance training


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