Maxx 6pcs 5FT Punch bag set Black Leather boxing punchbag Hook & Gloves Chain


  • Durable Rexion (Artificial) Leather Punchbag  filled to weight 25kg (Approx
  • Zip Top so weight can be adjusted to suit you, Ideal for martial arts, fitness and boxing
  • Set Includes heavy Wall Bracket with all fixtures and fittings, jump rope. hand gripper , bag mitts, and other essentials
  • This is brilliant package exclusive to Maxx , bag comes filled ready to use with chains
  • This set includes all items required to start making the most out of you punchbag
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Brand New Filled Rexion (Artificial) Leather Punch Bag. Bag is covered with durable Rex Leather giving the sensation of hitting a real opponent.

It is Machine filled with fabric cuttings to the weight of approx 25kg Given its length its great for low and high kicking and punching.

Designed for mobility and strength.

Bag comes with hanging chains or straps dependant of stock.

Length of bag does not include straps or chain and all other accesories shown.

The bracket is ideal if you have high ceilings as it can be fitted to the required height Zip Top design enables you to customize your bag.

You can make it lighter or heavier by adding lighter or denser filling Free steel swivel or steel rings are included so you can hang and use your bag straight away


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