What Is the Best Punch Bag to Buy?

What Is the Best Punch Bag to Buy?

What Is the Best Punch Bag to Buy?

Did you know that boxing with a punch bag for just 30 minutes can burn as many as 309 calories? That is because hitting, jabbing and kicking away at a punch bag raises your heart rate, engages the muscles in your upper body, and keeps your feet moving.

Are you wondering, what is the best punch bag to buy? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will recommend our favourite punch bags, so you can get the most out of your next boxing workout.

Why is boxing with a punch bag a good workout?

Boxing with a punchbag is an excellent form of cardio. The act of punching a bag forces many of your muscles to contract at once, which makes your heart work extra heart to pump blood and supply oxygen to them– thereby training your heart to work more efficiently.

Additionally, when hitting the punch bag, you are working your arms, back, chest, core and legs simultaneously, which mean you will turn fat into muscle faster than you would during other workouts that only focus on one part of the body.

What’s more, repeatedly hitting a punch bag also improves your hand-eye coordination, sense of balance, and reaction times, which will make you more agile as time goes on. Your stamina and endurance will also be greatly enhanced, which will make you physically fitter and more able to cope with other forms of high-intensity exercise.

What is the difference between a free-standing punch bag and a wall-mounted punch bag?

A free-standing punch bag is a boxing bag that can stand on its own, without being mounted to the wall. The punch bag usually comes hanging on a stand, allowing you to hit and kick it as you, please.

In contrast, a wall-mounted punch bag can be fixed to the wall, using a steel frame and fixing screws, making them fantastic for concentrating on hooks, jabs and uppercuts. These types of punch bags are ideal when there is less space available for free-standing bags.

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What is the best punch bag to buy?

Here at Sports Maxx, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of boxing equipment. Our products are used by professional boxers, beginners, and boxers of all ages and abilities.

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So, what is the best punch bag to buy?

Read on to discover some of our favourite punch bags, which are used widely in gyms and are perfect for newbies to the sport, as well as experienced boxers:

If you need a complete toolkit to get your boxing training started, then we recommend our Maxx 5 Pc Set 3ft Tear Shape Punch Bag.

This comes with a 3-foot, durable punch bag, professional boxing gloves, a wall bracket, a chain, plus all the fixings you will need to secure your punch bag.

All bags come with a zip top, allowing you to customise your bag- you can make it lighter or heavier by adding lighter or denser filling as required.

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Another excellent boxing toolkit is our Maxx 15pcs Punch Bag Set 5ft (Black).

You can customise this toolkit to your preferences: choose from a 3-foot, 4-foot or 5-foot punch bag, which comes with a hanging chain or straps. It also includes a heavy duty wall bracket or ceiling hook, as well as helpful accessories which will enhance your training, such as bag mitts, hand gripper, jump rope and all the fittings to install your punch bag.

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Are you looking for a great speedball, to work on your hand speed, reaction times and hand-eye coordination?

Well, look no further than our Maxx Pro Adjustable Speedball Swivel Platform Set.

The durable MDF board allows you to adjust your Speedball into the perfect position, which will elevate your boxing training to new heights.

You can buy the Speedball with the platform, or just the platform only, or even upgrade to our 15-piece set, which includes boxing mitts, hand wraps and more.

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Uppercut bags are deigned to help you practice hitting, striking and kicking at different angles, which makes them ideal for a full body workout.

So, why not go for our Maxx 4 Foot Triple Body Bag Punch Bag (Black & Gold)?

The curved dip shape of this punch bag is designed for perfecting your body strikes.

Made from high-quality heavy split Rex leather, this uppercut bag comes with a hanging chain, swivel and a pair of bag mitts.

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What is the best punch bag to buy for children?

Are you a parent, who is looking to put your little tyke into boxing classes? Does your mini me fancy themselves as the next Anthony Joshua or Nicola Adams?

Well, at Sports Maxx, we offer kids’ punch bags and kids’ boxing gloves that are specifically designed for little hands.

Your child could suffer a nasty injury if they use adult-size punch bags and gloves. Younger boxing fighters need equipment that is reflective of their weight and strength, which is what the Sports Maxx junior collection offers.

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One of our most popular pieces of boxing equipment, our Junior Punch Bag Kids (Filled Leather) is the perfect beginner set for children. The bag is 32” in height, so it won’t feel overwhelming for your little one when they are punching and kicking to their heart’s content.

Choose from a pink, white, green, red or gold punch bag, which can come with matching gloves, if you prefer.

If you need a wall bracket or ceiling hook to go with your punch bag, then simply add this to your basket when you place your order.

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Suitable for children aged 3 years and over, our Maxx Kids Junior Free Standing Boxing Set is a high-quality, adjustable punch bag.

This free-standing punch bag is a great training partner for developing punching, kicking and sparring skills. It can be filled with sand to make it heavier and denser, and it comes in a variety of colours, as well as a useful ‘target’ design, to improve aim of strikes and kicks.

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Can you punch a punchbag with just hand wraps?

Yes, it is fine to punch a heavy bag with just hand wraps. Hand wraps protect your wrist, knuckles and thumb. They also help reduce the fatigue that comes with a strong punch.

So, warming up with some light bag work, while only wearing hand wraps, is perfectly fine.

Don’t be tempted to skip the hand wraps altogether and start punching the bag with your bare fists. This could cause severe aches in your hands and even serious hand injuries. You might end up using the incorrect form, which will throw you off.

If you can’t be bothered to spend five minutes wrapping your hands, do some shadowboxing in front of a mirror instead.

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