What Are The Benefits of a Speedball Platform

What Are The Benefits of a Speedball Platform

What Are The Benefits of a Speedball Platform

If you love to keep fit and use specialist equipment to support a varied workout, chances are you have come across speedball platforms. These secure solutions allow speedball workouts to take place with ease, turning any home space or gym into a space worthy of any boxing professional.

A recent UK survey of 2,000 people found that 4.4% of them planned to take part in boxing monthly, and it’s clear that the workout method continues to increase in popularity. We firmly believe that for these exercise junkies, plus the thousands more who may just be starting to consider boxing as a workout, getting to know the benefits of using a speedball platform is a great option.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using robust speedball platforms and share our tips for selecting the best product for your needs. From getting in shape using indoor punch bags to enhancing safety when using speedballs, we will list all of the advantages that await you if you purchase a speedball platform.

What Are Speedball Platforms?

There are a few ways to install a speedball, including bearing swivel balls and punch bar attachments. However, one of the most versatile solutions is complete speedball platforms.

Speedball platforms are wooden plates that mount directly to a wall or ceiling, depending on the product. The platforms are made of a flat board that is attached securely so that the speedball can then be installed. Thanks to the durable construction, they allow the installation of speedballs using chains or elastic, which mixes up the workout style that is available. They are often height adjustable, plus some even feature the option to have a slight movement, which mimics that of working out with a sparring partner. They create a different experience from using a free-standing boxing bag, which adds to their popularity.

The Benefits Of Using A Speedball Platform

The Benefits Of Using A Speedball Platform

Using a speedball platform to facilitate a workout has many advantages which we have included below:

  • Sturdy installation increases safety and longevity. Whilst there are other methods available for fitting a speedball, a platform offers one of the best solutions for enhancing durability. The wide surface area allows weight to be evenly distributed, whilst the high-strength fixings ensure the platform remains in position. This is a great solution for those who like to work hard or for platforms that will be used by people of different weight classes. As 41% of gym-goers admit they have been injured whilst training due to equipment failures, the enhanced safety of using a speedball platform is something that is sure to appeal to many people.
  • Ideal for training for professional boxers. Speedball platforms are also ideal for use by those who have a professional interest in the sport. Whilst freestanding punch bags are good for boxing, speed ball platforms allow a form of training that mimics actual sparring, making them perfect for authentic practice. The platforms mean that realistic movement can be incorporated, which improves reaction times, coordination and whole-body movement.
  • Speedball platforms can be fitted in any location. Another benefit of choosing a speedball platform is that it is perfect for any spot. From a home gym to a professional space, it can be easily installed anywhere that has enough room for an active workout. It is also supplied with all fixings, meaning you don’t have to be a DIY pro to install one.
  • Facilitate a good workout with lots of associated benefits. Speedball workouts are known for being brilliant ways to get active even if you only have a short amount of free time. While free standing boxing bags are good, speedball workouts using platform products allow for a complete body workout. This unlocks benefits such as improvements to blood pressure, movement support for joints and lots of advantages by way of positive mental health. 
  • They are one of the best pieces of sporting equipment for at-home upper body workouts. Speedball platforms allow for brilliant workouts that keep the entire body fit. They can also be used with lots of other pieces of equipment including MMA gloves and OZ gloves. This means that more people can use the equipment without having to pay out for costly accessories.

How To Install A Speedball Platform?

As we have mentioned, one of the benefits of a speedball platform is the simple installation. These pieces of gym equipment can be simply drilled and screwed into place.All you will need is a secure wall and the right tools for the job.

Each speedball platform will be supplied with instructions for how to hang a punchbag product so follow these and the task couldn’t be easier. If you do plan on letting younger boxers use the product, check out this blog on where to hang a punch bag for kids for more guidance.

You should always test the product’s strength before using it and regularly check its robustness to ensure nothing has come loose over time.

How To Choose The Best Speedball Platform?

Have the benefits of using a speedball platform convinced you to invest in this piece of boxing equipment? If so, below we have included a few guiding factors which make it simple to choose the best product for your budget.


Always look for a speedball platform constructed from durable materials. For the metalwork, this should include iron and steel as they are long-lasting and able to withstand extreme load-bearing impacts. The platform itself should be constructed from thick wood with concealed edges and securely attached fixings.


Be sure to check out how the platform can be used by understanding factors such as adjustability and installation methods. Each will contain different benefits and functions, so be sure to assess your own needs and find a product that matches perfectly. Some platforms are also available as complete sets, offering a fantastic value-for-money solution.

Professional Supplier

Finally, always choose a trusted sporting goods supplier from which to buy speedball platforms. These pieces of equipment can cause serious injury if they are not of the best quality. By selecting a notable supplier, you not only get peace of mind in knowing that the platform will be long-lasting, but you will also receive support in other areas, such as installation or tips for using it effectively.

Choose Speedball Platforms From Maxx Pro Boxing?

At Maxx Pro Boxing, we have made it our mission to only supply the best speedball platforms. This eliminates worry for users, ensuring that the only concern is how to create the best workout routine that delivers results. Our customers have shown time and time again that we are a trusted supplier than anyone can rely on. Explore our collection now to find a speedball platform that enhances your boxing training in all the right ways.

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