Do You Need Hand Wraps for Boxing Mitts

Do You Need Hand Wraps for Boxing Mitts

Do You Need Hand Wraps for Boxing Mitts

Hand wraps are an essential piece of protective gear used primarily in combat sports like boxing, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts (MMA). But if they’re worn under gloves, do they need to be worn under boxing mitts too?

What Are Hand Wraps for?

What Are Hand Wraps for?

Hand wraps are always worn underneath boxing gloves and serve several important purposes:

  • Providing support to the bones and tissue of the hand and wrist, reducing risk of sprains, strains and fractures
  • Protecting the knuckles by adding an extra layer of padding
  • Compressing the hand, improving blood flow and stability

Hand wraps are crucial for the safety of boxers and other combat sport fighters so you’ll never see a professional boxer without them, and you shouldn’t attempt to train or fight without them either. Hand wraps are typically made from a blend of materials such as cotton, polyester, and elastic fibres and come in various lengths and thicknesses to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences, but will usually wrap a few times around the hand. Some hand wraps also have added features such as thumb loops or Velcro closures for easier wrapping and securing.

While bandages seem similar enough to hand wraps, they are not specifically designed for the purpose and shouldn’t be used as a replacement. Hand wraps are tailored to provide the right balance of support, padding, and flexibility needed for combat sports. Using bandages may not offer adequate protection or stability for the hands and wrists during intense training or competition.

Protecting the wrists and knuckles is of utmost importance in combat sport training due to the repetitive impact of punching which can lead to various injuries over time if not properly addressed. These injuries can range from minor sprains and bruises to more severe conditions like boxer’s fractures or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wearing hand wraps can significantly reduce the risk of such injuries and prolong boxing careers; but whether you’re a professional or not, protecting your hands and wrists is crucial for your comfort and ability to train.

Can You Box with Only Hand Wraps?

While hand wraps are great for protecting tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones in your hands and wrists, they’re no substitute for boxing gloves which have a significant amount of padding over the knuckles to protect from injury. It may look cool when fighters in films just have hand wraps on to punch heavy bags, but it can be very dangerous and is an unnecessary risk to your hands.

Sparring without boxing gloves is also a categorical no, as you are risking injury to yourself and your sparring partner. You also can’t fight without boxing gloves in professional or amateur bouts due to the rules and regulations in place to keep the fighters safe.

You can, however, wear hand wraps when shadow boxing as you won’t be making contact with any equipment or people, so there is no risk of injury in the same way. However, wearing hand wraps is therefore unnecessary in shadowboxing, unless you want to get used to wearing them for your other training sessions.

What Are Boxing Mitts?

What Are Boxing Mitts?

Boxing mitts, also known as focus pads or focus mitts, are a padded oval, not much bigger than a hand, worn by a training partner for a fighter to strike. They’re a useful piece of training equipment for all combat sports training including boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing and taekwondo as they work on many different combat sports skills and techniques.

Boxing mitts are useful for:

  • Improving shot accuracy for punches, elbows, kicks and knees
  • Improving reaction time and combination speed
  • Improving footwork and mobility
  • Incorporating power with speed and accuracy
  • Improving focus and concentration
  • Improving muscular and cardiovascular endurance

Boxing mitts are incredibly versatile tools so make for an excellent component of fight training. Like sparring, focus pad training can utilise many boxing skills in a realistic fight setting, whale protecting the fighter and their partner.

Do You Need Hand Wraps for Boxing Mitts?

Do You Need Hand Wraps for Boxing Mitts?

Wearing hand wraps under boxing mitts is not necessary, as mitts are primarily used for striking accuracy and technique rather than power, so the pad holder doesn’t require so much protection. Hand wraps are more useful for the striker as it protects their hands from the impact of the strike, but when wearing the boxing mitts, the holder doesn’t feel so much impact and so doesn’t need hand wraps for protection.

However, depending on the type of hold on the mitt, some fighters may choose to wear hand wraps during focus pad drills for added wrist support and to get accustomed to wearing wraps during training sessions. Whether or not to wear hand wraps under focus pads ultimately depends on personal preference and individual training goals.

If the focus pads are held by the mitt holder via gloves attached to the back that separate the fingers, it might be a bit more challenging to fit hand wraps underneath. In this case, the gloves on the back of the focus pads already provide some level of protection to the hands of the pad holder, and the separation between the fingers can make it difficult to accommodate the bulk of hand wraps comfortably, so wearing hand wraps is not necessary.

How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

Knowing how to wrap your hands properly with hand wraps before putting on boxing gloves is essential for protecting your wrists and knuckles during training or competition. Here’s a basic guide on how to wrap your hands:

  • Start by making a loop around your thumb and securing around your wrist
  • Wrap the wrap around your wrist a few times snuggly, but not too tight
  • Pass the wrap diagonally across your palm and over the back of your hand
  • Wrap around your thumb to your wrist again for stability
  • From the inside of your wrist, wrap each finger, starting from your little finger and finishing with your index finger
  • Wrap once again across your hand
  • Finish by wrapping around your wrist
  • Secure the end of your wrap around your wrist with either a closure or a velcro strap, depending on the type of wrap

The hand wrap should be snug and supportive but not so tight that it cuts off circulation or restricts movement. You may need to adjust the tension as you wrap to find the right balance. Repeat the process for your other hand, and once both hands are wrapped, you can then put on your boxing gloves over the hand wraps for additional protection and support.

When done properly, the hand wrap shouldn’t unravel while you workout. When you put your boxing gloves over the top, the velcro wrist support should also help to keep the hand wrap in place. It’s important to practise wrapping your hands correctly to maximise their effectiveness in preventing injuries during boxing training or competition.

You should wrap around your thumb while using hand wraps for protection, but you need to make sure it’s loose enough that you have the flexibility to keep your thumb in the right place within the glove, but supported enough that it’s protected.

Where to Buy the Best Boxing Equipment

Where to Buy the Best Boxing Equipment

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